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Remodeling Your Kitchen, Bath, Home or Basement

Our quality standards include a high degree of individual planning expertise and many furnishing ideas for kitchens of all styles. Our kitchen designers are specialists with many years of experience and make your kitchen a unique piece of jewelry. This begins with such fundamental decisions as to whether the kitchen is to be integrated into the living space or to be accommodated in a separate room, or whether a dining space is desired.


A new sink, new electrical appliances, new kitchen cabinets, countertops or new shower can make a difference. We realize for you also small conversions, not only large installations.


We are flexible. With us you can talk about financing options. Because saving a kitchen that is used for years, does not pay off.


A new kitchen will blow a breath of fresh air through your home - provided it has been planned with a lot of creativity and expertise.

Full Bathroom Remodel

We create the perfect floor plan for your new kitchen, bathroom or any other space. Our prices are transparent and you'll be able to see how each of the new features affects the overall price of the project.

Complete Kitchen Renovation

During remodel and assembly, we focus on quality: our fitters are allowed to work without time pressure. In addition, we coordinate all craftsmen such as electricians, tilers, window manufacturers or carpenters. For this we work together with partner companies from the region.

Kitchen Assembly: Quality Standards At Kitchens Ruberg

  • Seals on all fitting strips
  • Ventilation grille in high boards
  • Moisture protection on sink and hob cut-outs
  • Moisture protection floors in sink cabinets
  • Complete assembly package: At a total price, no hidden additional costs

What Makes Us Special:

Expert Advice: Transparency And Understandability
Contrary to many competitors, we do not try to introduce our customers to an X for a U. We give honest advice in all areas. Our kitchen & bath remodeling and design consultants are always up to date through training. A completely transparent and honest procedure: All advertised kitchens are already graphically and commercially maintained in the system. This requires a system maintenance that requires little time, only consequence. To this extent, to our knowledge, we are the sole supplier in the catchment area of Leer.